Sat. 25 March 2023 – 20:15
Gerard Bouwhuis

Petra Cini - a meta musical evening

Concert/seminar with mathematician Raf Bocklandt

A lot of composers have used mathematics in their work, but what happens when a composer decides to represent the meaning of the objects of mathematics, and the sensations that can be found in them, instead of focusing on their direct application or translation? The theoretical and artistic work of Petra Cini answers this question creating a bridge between the metaphors of mathematics and the ones of music.

This concert/seminar is an introduction to the work of composer and pianist Petra Cini. She is joined by mathematician Raf Bocklandt, who collaborated with the composer on the creation of the (meta-)mathematical framework used for the development of her work SO(3) ETUDES (2021-2023).

Petra Cini) is an Italian composer and pianist based in the Hague (NL) focusing on the creation of musical representations of mathematical groups. She is also devoted to the development of a rhythmic and contrapuntal sensitivity, reflected in her choices of repertoire as a pianist.

Raf Bocklandt is a mathematician at the Korteweg-de Vries institute at the University of Amsterdam specializing in representations of quivers and its applications. Raf Bocklandt studied mathematics at the university of Ghent and did a Phd at the University of Antwerp. After doing Post-docs in Bielefeld and Rome, he became a lecturer at the University of Newcastle. In 2013 he moved to the University of Amsterdam and since 2021 he is the program director of the Bachelor Mathematics. Raf is interested in many aspects of Geometry and Algebra, but he is also involved in science popularizing. In 2019 he gave a public lecture for the Universiteit van Nederland about geometry of higher dimensional spaces.

Petra Cini - 6 piano etudes from ETUDES (2020-)
J.S. Bach - 3 counterpoints from the Art of Fugue
Raf Bocklandt - Introduction to Lie theory, with a focus on the Lie group SO(3) [talk]
Petra Cini - SO(3) ETUDES (2021-2023)
Petra Cini and Raf Bocklandt discuss the SO(3) ETUDES (2021-2023) [talk]

Petra Cini, piano and electronics
Raf Bocklandt, mathematician

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