Sat. 27 May 2023 – 20:30
Anne La Berge

Kate Moore - Fragiele Herinneringen

Bloodwood Series

An invitation to see and hear Kate Moore's sculptural installation and concert with solo cello with electronics. The installation was conceived at the European Ceramic Work Centre and is a forest of memories captured and recorded in porcelain, paper and light. The program will be made up of a solo cello suite and three pieces for solo cello and solo cello with electronics performed by Kate Moore, the cello suite was written during lockdown called “Sad Melodies Suite” and features six pieces inspired by the temperament of the open strings of the cello.

Homage to my Boots (solo cello)
Spel III (cello and electronics)
Sad Melody (solo cello)
Sad Melody I
Sad Melody II
Sad Melody III
Sad Melody IV
For Tor
Sad Melody V
Saint John Song (cello and electronics)

Kate Moore - componist / cellist

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