Fri. 2 December 2022 – 20:30
Marije Nie

One Small Step featuring tapdansers Peter Kuit en Marije Nie

Tap dance in Concert - wild feet, dancing percussionE

Tonight Splendor’s own tap dancer Marije Nie hosts two colleagues for a meeting / reunion on the dance floor: nestor of the Dutch tap dance Peter Kuit and free-thinking and pioneering Janne Eraker from Norway.

It will be a musical dance party, but don't expect traditional jazz or Broadway musical steps.. these tappers and musicians make the floor unsafe with energetic free improvisations, intricate duets, poetic rhythms and sound experiments.

One Small Step CD presentation
This concert is part of One Small Step trio’s European tour to present their CD ‘Gol Variations’ . It's not often that tap dance can be heard on a record, and it’s intriguing how recognisable the sound of dancing feet is, even if you can't see them! The CD is of course available during the concert. Gol Variations Did you know that there’s a tap dance trio in Norway? One Small Step has been busy exploring tap as percussion in music for years, and has finally made their first album Gol Variations. Tap dancer Janne Eraker, double bass player Roger Arntzen and fiddler Vegar Vårdal have improvised and recorded beautiful, exciting and groovy music in Gol stave church - in the Norwegian folk museum. With background ranging from a wide spectrum One Small Step plays with minimal music, Norwegian folk music, jazz inspirations, and of course rhythms of all sorts. They challenge each other in their musical interaction and dive into musical escapades consisting of texture, tonality, imaginative suggestions and long stretches. The audience easily joins them, for One Small Step creates an unpretentious and inviting atmosphere that directs all of the attention to the new music. When One Small Step started recording their debut album the intention was to make one that gives room to the long lines in their music. The original plan was even to have just one track on each side of a vinyl record, rather than to be guided by the more traditional shorter tracks. One Small Step had to leave the vinyl project, but made an audiophile CD with the same thoughts in mind. They even added extra seconds in the middle of the album to give the illusion of changing to side B, to get closer to the experience originally intended. One Small Step thereby invites you to an epic journey in their universe. On November 11th at 11h a documentary music video to the single Morning will be released, and on November 18th the debut album will be out on all platforms. The track "Morning" was released on the label Esc.rec. as a part of the compilation box "Matter Affect" on July 18.

About Tap
Tap dance originated at the same time as jazz music in the turbulent first decades of the 20th century in the melting pot of the major cities in the US, mainly New York and New Orleans. An evening in the big clubs of that time was not complete without a singer and a tap dancer, preferably two or three. Tap dance was also a popular and spectacular element in musicals and musical films. This golden era of tap dance came to an end when rock and roll took over the dance floor from the big bands. The sound of jazz also changed with the emergence of bebop and further developments. The role of the drums became more and more creative, musically more prominent and above all, louder.. leaving little room for tap dance in this new vision. Fortunately, this was not the end of tap dance.. After a period of 'hibernation' there was a tap dance revival in the 80s and 90s, which also gave space for innovation… Nowadays there are thousands of people worldwide who fanatically practice this dance, and find new ways to bring dance and music together.

Peter Kuit, Janne Eraker and Marije Nie - tap dance
Guillermo Celano - guitar
One Small Step:
Janne Eraker - tap dance, Vegar Vårdal - fiddle, Roger Arntzen - bass

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