Thu. 30 May 2024 – 20:00
Heleen Hulst
presents at Uilenburgersjoel:

Van Swieten Society

Young Romanticism

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: This concert will take place in de Uilenburgersjoel - Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 91

Romanticism had many faces. Mozart's spirit still floated through musical life and Beethoven's powerful music was the benchmark for any Romantic composer. Their legacy was administered by the great pianists Hummel, pupil of Mozart, and Ries, pupil of Beethoven. They steered Romanticism in different directions. Newspapers in Europe wrote about the "wild romanticism" of the bohemian Ries. Ries is considered a forerunner of Schumann. The virtuoso Hummel enchanted and bewildered his audience. He was the world's most famous pianist around 1815, at the time of the Congress of Vienna, and Liszt loved his music. Schubert is the creator of the most personal expressiveness in all of Romanticism. He grew posthumously into the archetype of the misunderstood artist, with the famous 'lack of fame' during his short life. Schubert performed only in private and was not interested in virtuoso display, even though he was an excellent pianist whose piano, according to contemporaries, began to sing under his hands.

Van Swieten Society
The Van Swieten Society is a collective of musicians with a passion for chamber music from the classical and early-romantic periods. The ensemble plays on period instruments and regularly invites guest musicians who are related to its playing style. This flexible approach guarantees an adventurous choice of repertoire with various line-ups. The Van Swieten Society specialises first and foremost in the great masters of the musically rich period from Bach to Schumann. In addition, intensive research in international libraries still yields new discoveries; high-quality works that have fallen into oblivion for all kinds of reasons and deserve to be heard again. All this leads to colourful programmes with strong themes.

Van Swieten Society:
Heleen Hulst, violin
Elisabeth Smalt, viola
Matyas Virag, cello
Bart van Oort, fortepiano



PLEASE TAKE NOTE: This concert will take place in de Uilenburgersjoel - Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 91

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