Mon. 27 May 2024 – 20:00
Splendor presents:

Stories of the Caab

Stories from the history between the Netherlands and South Africa through music, dance, and history

This concert serves as a preview of the extensive project Stories of the Caab. In this project, stories from the colonial history of the Netherlands in South Africa are told through the power of music and dance. In December of this year, the project will reach its climax in Cape Town, where the stories will be narrated from the personal perspective of the main characters, with input from interested parties from Cape Town.

The first part of the concert on May 27th features a solo performance by saxophonist Garth Erasmus, inspired by his KhoiSan background. The second part provides a glimpse into the collaboration that will form the basis for the project in December, where Garth, Manuela, and Wytze will combine their creative talents to create a new work rooted in the shared history between the Netherlands and South Africa.

Manuela Tessi - Movement
Garth Erasmus - Traditional KhoiSan instruments and saxophone
Wytze Minne de Swart - Saxophone and electronics

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