Thu. 18 January 2024 – 20:30
Mike del Ferro

Mike del Ferro & Femke Smit - Braziliaanse Songs

Brazilian songs, sung by Femke Smit

Mike del Ferro and Femke Smit have known each other for a while, but when they spent a few days together in Rio de Janeiro last April, a special musical connection was created. They share their love for Brazilian music, as well as a classical background with both an opera singer as a father and of course jazz and improvisation as a basis. In short, a fertile ground for a wonderful musical collaboration.

Mike and Femke play unknown pieces by well-known Brazilian composers (Jobim, Chico Buarque, Milton Nascimento), the lado B (B side) of their oeuvre, where the most beautiful pieces can be found. Mike is known for his lyrical playing and Femke carries you away with her compelling interpretations that make you almost forget that you don't understand Portuguese. A journey through the many musical riches that Brazil has to offer.

Mike del Ferro - piano
Femke Smit - vocals and hand-percussion

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