Za. 25 maart 2023 – 19:45
Frances-Marie Uitti presenteert:

Electronics, Cellos and perhaps a Beast

Johan van Kreij & Frances-Marie Uitti

Om onze lange samenwerking te vieren, debuteren we met onze nieuwste creatie, een mysterie dat zich ontvouwt! Elektronica, triggers, controllers, nep-cello's... wat wil je nog meer?

Johan van Kreij elektronica
Frances-Marie Uitti cello en misschien... a beast


Johan van Kreij
Johan van Kreij is a sonologist. His practice covers the fields of composing, improvising, making and executing in the field of experimental electro-acoustic music. He received his education at the Institute of Sonology, part of the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, Netherlands, graduating in 1998. At the same conservatory he acquired his masters degree in Composition in 2017.

In addition to his artistic activities, Johan is actively involved in contributing to the experimental music scene in The Hague. In the first place in his position as teacher at the Institute of Sonology, but also as member of the Studio LOOS team where he helps creating events. Furthermore, he is in the process of setting up the ARTEk recording studio with Henry Vega, and he is participating in the cultural hotspot DCR.

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